Education and Training

Everyday thousands of people write to the Dhinakarans seeking prayers and divine counsel. The requests received through letters, email and in the Prayer Tower are sent to Dr. Paul Dhinakaran through email everyday where ever he is ministering. He lays his hands and prays for all the requests and for God’s blessing and deliverance to come upon these dear ones.

Some people seek divine guidance in their life for personal and family problems. Dr. Paul Dhinakaran waits in the presence of the Lord and gives them counsel as per the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

The Prayer Warriors and staff of Jesus Calls pray faithfully for all prayer requests and all the request are replied as per the divine guidance given to the Dhinakarans by the Almighty Lord. Our prayer answering God, hears the prayer of His children and answers them. We hear hundreds of miracles and testimonies everyday. Here is one such inspiring testimony of the miracle received through the Letter Ministry to build your faith.

Meet the Dhinakarans

Since 1980, Dr. Paul Dhinakaran has been serving the people of all ages, faiths and nationalities bringing comfort and hope to the broken-hearted and healing to the souls, minds, bodies and families turning their sorrow into joy.