Media & Communications

The advent of the new media has changed every aspect of life and has a marvelous impact on the lifestyle of people. Keeping pace with the changes that happen around us, the Jesus Calls Ministries has also been constantly evaluating the various means by which the Word of God can be reached "unto the ends of the earth" and started the Media Ministry way back in the year 1972. The gospel is proclaimed through various media like TV, Radio program, Audio, Video cassettes and CDs.

TV Programmes

The Jesus Calls Ministries launched its first radio program in the year 1972 through FEBA and now we reach nearly 2 million homes every day through our Television programs in India and around the world through nearly 600 television programs in 10 major languages on 26 different channels. The cost of production, cost of air time on the channels and expenses for the TV ministry have been always a great challenge and is increasing day by day. A part of the total expenses are met by dear partners who sacrificially contribute to the Jesus Calls TV Club every month.

God is blessing countless number of people, without any discrimination through the Jesus Calls Television Ministry. Every month nearly 600 television programmes are broadcast through 26 channels in 10 major languages.

Every day programmes are broadcast in Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Hindi and Kannada! Weekly programmes are broadcast on CTS in Canada, Church Channel, and World Harvest, in USA, Day Star in Canada - USA, new programme on Golden Eagle Broadcasting - USA at 9.30 PM, every Saturday (Central Time, USA), ME TV in Israel and TBN Networks in Australia! Weekly TV and Radio Programmes are also broadcast in Sinhalese! In addition to this, programmes are also continuously broadcast in various languages in the Middle East countries and in England all the 24 hours through the Rainbow TV. Millions of people are blessed by watching these programmes.

Meet the Dhinakarans

Since 1980, Dr. Paul Dhinakaran has been serving the people of all ages, faiths and nationalities bringing comfort and hope to the broken-hearted and healing to the souls, minds, bodies and families turning their sorrow into joy.