Women's Ministry

Women's Ministry


Long time ago there lived a selfish rich man. He had hundreds of people working under him. He never carried out his duties and lived a life without worry. His servants grew weary of his ways saying, “Our master does not take care of our needs.”

One day, the rich man went into the forest to hunt. After sometime he became thirsty. To his relief he spotted a lake. As he was drinking water, he suddenly saw a big golden bird come out of the water. He thought to himself, “Oh! I must get that bird.” 

As he took aim to shoot the bird, it disappeared. Suddenly, he heard a voice, “If you want to capture me, you must come to heaven.” 

Surprised, the rich man said, “Please show me the way to heaven.” He then heard the voice saying, “Do good to others and you will take you to heaven.”

He disguised himself and went out into the street. There he tried helping an old man. The old man said, “If the rich people of this town could do something for the poor to be taken care of, I would not be on the streets.”
The rich man heard the golden bird’s voice, “Do good deeds and you will come to heaven.” 

The rich man turned over a new leaf and did a lot of good to others and cared for them. 

Beloved, Jesus Christ was born in this world to save mankind from sin. He forsook heaven where the streets are of gold and millions of angels were waiting on Him. He was born in a manger in the cold of the night in a very humble manner. His selfless act of sacrificing Himself on the cross, shows His love for mankind and He broke the power of sin over us. He is the way to heaven, eternal life. 

Meet the Dhinakarans

Since 1980, Dr. Paul Dhinakaran has been serving the people of all ages, faiths and nationalities bringing comfort and hope to the broken-hearted and healing to the souls, minds, bodies and families turning their sorrow into joy.